Twelve Kinds of Ice

Twelve Kinds of Ice

ISBN: 0618891293

ISBN 13: 9780618891290

Publication Date: November 06, 2012

Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers

Pages: 64

Format: Hardcover

Authors: Ellen Bryan Obed, Barbara McClintock

3.97 of 1,288

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With the first ice—a skim on a sheep pail so thin it breaks when touched—one family’s winter begins in earnest. Next comes ice like panes of glass. And eventually, skating ice! Take a literary skate over field ice and streambed, through sleeping orchards and beyond. The first ice, the second ice, the third ice . . . perfect ice . . . the last ice . . . Twelve kinds of ice are carved into twenty nostalgic vignettes, illustrated in elegantly scratched detail by the award-winning Barbara McClintock.

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