Half in Shadow

Half in Shadow

ISBN: 0870540815

ISBN 13: 9780870540813

Publication Date: May 28, 1978

Publisher: Arkham House

Pages: 212

Format: Hardcover

Author: Mary Elizabeth Counselman

3.97 of 35

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Mary Elizabeth Counselman's "Three Marked Pennies" was one of the most popular stories ever to appear in the pages of Weird Tales magazine, and the work subsequently has become an acknowledged classic of American literature. Together with C.L. Moore, Miss Counselman was Weird Tales's preeminent female author, and this collection preserves her finest supernatural fiction written over a period of forty years, including: "The Three Marked Pennies," "The Unwanted," "The Shot-Tower Ghost," "Night Court," "The Monkey Spoons," "The Smiling Face," "A Death Crown for Mr. Hapworthy," "The Black Stone Statue," "Seventh Sister," "Parasite Mansion," "The Green Window," "The Tree's Wife," "Twister," and "A Handful of Silver."

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